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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Disney Hotel

Alright, I breifly discussed which disney hotels we've stayed at...and we're looking at staying at a different one in December!

Next on our list:

Animal Kingdom Lodge

My wife's sister is getting married in December, and they decided on Disney World as their Honeymoon of choice. So, my wife, being the busy bee she is, decided to handle everything.

She's been dying to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and I have a feeling that this will be her Disney hotel of choice (I could be wrong, but it doesn't happen often).

I've read many great things about the Lodge, so if anyone out there has any pointers or input, I'd love to hear them!

Thus far, my personal favorite Disney hotel has been the Caribbean Beach. But hey, I'm open minded enough not to get stuck in a comfort zone.

Oh, we're also going in October...lots of important days in the month, so we're going to go and have a few days of fun. It's my wife and I's anniversary, my daughter's birthday and my cousin's birthday. Seems like enough to warrant a little vacation!

Sadly, during that one, we won't be staying in an official Disney hotel...however, we'll be plenty close to the action. We're going to stay at the Doubletree Suites. I'll post an update when I find out how they are.

More great WDW info coming soon!


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