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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Disney World Won :)

Ok, so we now know for a fact that:

1) Disney World is more appealing to me than college

2) Disney World is more expensive than college

That said, let me talk about some of our experiences.

- We stayed at the Disney All Star Sports Resort. While I definately enjoyed the benefits that Disney World provides their resort guests (such as free transportation everywhere on WDW grounds), I wasn't personally fond of the resort itself. It did it's job, in giving us a place to sleep and relax at the end of the day, but it was extremely overcrowded...most of which were younger kids.

One thing I did enjoy about the resort was that we could find something to do, no matter what time it was. The video game arcade kept us entertained several times (as we were both night owls). The food court also allowed us to get food at pretty much any time as well.

- We met some really great people, and had a fun time. My most memorable experience has to be the Splash Mountain water fight. My friend and I sat behind two women...by the end of the ride, all four were soaked (we used cups towards the end of the water fight, and they did some major drenching!). I'm sure the people waiting to get on were at least second guessing their choice after seeing us coming off :)

- Pleasure Island completely sucks when you aren't old enough to drink! That will be rectified in a future trip, of course.

- The summer is scorching hot, and not entirely comfortable for enjoying Disney World. Again, this will be rectified in a future trip.

- The summer is extremely crowded. Wait times weren't uncommon above the 1 hour mark...usually exceeding 90 minutes for a good ride.

- You can never have enough money when visiting Disney World! I didn't feel like I had enough, and I was only there for a week. That's not to say you can't have a great time on a budget (because we certainly did), but since then, I've found it to be much more enjoyable if I can choose to do whatever I want without worrying about the rest of the trip's budget.

I'll try to remember some more important Disney World tips over the next few days (10+ years since that first trip!).


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