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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Disney World Vacation 2003

Alright, so now we've moved past the first vacation. Not much to tell on that one though...extremely hot in mid June, I slept in alot...just wasn't prepared.

The second trip, in 2003, was one that I did all the prep work on. Since we had already been married a year, and had a 1 year old daughter, we had to employ grandma to handle things while we snuck away for a few days...10 of them, to be exact.

Again, I was being lazy, so we hooked up with an online travel agent specializing in Disney Vacations. I told her what we were looking for, how much we wanted to spend, and she pretty much ran with the ball.

We ended up staying in the Caribbean Beach Resort. Nice place, but extremely large...much larger than you might suspect just from the appearance.

We stayed in the Jamaica portion, if I remember correctly. We absolutely loved it. It was an extremely long walk from our room, to the commons area (where the food is at), but as far as the buses went, it was easily the best. We had a corner room on the bottom floor...our room was as close as you could get to the bus stop...which is extremely important for me, as I hate mornings!

Our bus stop was the first for bus drivers doing pickups...that meant we always had a seat. No waiting for the next bus, standing, or trying to cram in uncomfortably. We let others do all the cramming. On the down side, it was the last stop at the end of the day...which made for a long ride. When the day's over, you just want to get to the room and sleep, but had to wait for around 8 or so stops before you could.

The rooms weren't very big...maybe 400 square feet. But, considering it was just the wife and I, we didn't really need space, as we ended up spending very little time in the room anyhow.

The Caribbean Beach rooms were, however, nice. They were also clean, and kept up quite well. The landscape was always close to perfect (i.e. no trash or cigarette butts). My only gripe was the length of time to get from the room to the commons. Aside from that, it was much better than the All-Star Sports resort that I had previously stayed in. The one time it wasn't was when small children overran the hot tub while we were relaxing in it...but hey, if that's the worst thing about it, it can't be bad at all!

I'll stop there, before moving on to the parks and talking about our adventures (mostly because I have a short memory, and I need to look at the pictures to remember what we did!).

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